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Margo Plywood
The Company

Established in 1998, Mrgo Plywood Pvt. Ltd. Has successfully come across all the hurdles to become a ‘brand name’ in today’s market. The position it enjoys in the trade, largely speaks about its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The organization is based on the sound foundation of expertise, experience, and exposure of over 15 years in the field of timber & plywood trading. Enthusiasm & zeal driven directors of the company have chosen to start this business because they love to serve the market & be known for quality products.
As a result of their efforts, Margo Ply is picking up fast as a quality product in the branded sector. 

Our Story
We started the journey & entered the woodwordking trade many decades ago. there was a desire to do something really good in quality which will be appreciated by people.

during the journey ,we did not realize when our team kept expanding and adding to the network. Today, Margo Ply is spread throught India, postioned as a premium product in the plywood segment.


  • To continuously upgrade the product through innovations and convergence of new technology.

    To provide utmosy satisfaction to the consumer through best quality and consumer care.

    Our vision is to emerge as the finest plywood company with big team, nationwide presencem always known & respected for great quality, counted amongst the finest brands.

  • Margo Plywood Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat is known in the western region for distribution of finest ply products.

    The Company is based on the sound foundation of expertise, experriebce and exposure trading. Enthusiasm & Zeal driven directors of the company have chosen to start their own manufacturing owing to the fact that the can serve the market better with in-house production & regular research.

    As a result of their efforts, Margo ply is picking up fast as a quality product in the branded sector.

Our Infrastructure

Enormous efforts are expended to ensure an amicable environment at the workplace that infuses enthusiasm and motivation in work in order to ensure high performing & zero defect products. A well euipped manufacturing unit which us spread over considerble area has the requisite state-of-the art machinery that is capable of carrying out the entire production processes.

Products are produced with the best wood, procured from reliable sources, which are then peeled by pneumatic controlled hydraulic peeling machine to get the smooth core veneer.

These venners passes through th jumbo dryer to reduce moisture content up to 6%, very much necessary for getting better boundin.Grading of face veneering insures the better surface of the product.

Venners are coated with waterproof glue and laid up into sandwiches on assembly table. The venner sanwiches are subjected to heat and pressure in the Hot presses,after which, the plywood panels are trimmed, squared and selected for grading.

High resin content imported paper is used as film face for densified film face shuttering plywood and is manufactured in-house bt the paper impregnated plant.

Margo Plywood

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