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Margo Plywood

Margo Gold (BWP Grade) Marine Ply

Made of Gurjan wood veneers bonded with PF resin and specially treated in a vaccum pressure impregnation pant, Margo marine grade is boiling water proof and highly resistant to microorganisms, extreme climatic changes and alternate wetting and drying, humidity, termite, borers, insects, pests etc.

It is ideal for demanding marine applications like construction and repair of boats, barges, cooling towers, signboards, outdoor hoarding, portable cabins, and shelters exposed to weather extremities, structural applications and premium Interiors & Exteriors applications.

Advantages of Margo Marine Plywood:

Durability: Small scratches through painted plywood may expose the interior to water. Marine ply resists all types of climatic conditions. Inexpensiveplywood may not last long when it is damp.

Strength: Marine plywood is stronger and has consistent mechanical properties.

Resistant to Warping: This marine plywood resists warping/cracking.

Technical Specifications (IS:710)

1 Moisture Content 5% - 15% 8%
2 Glue Sheer Strength
(Dry State)
Min. Ind. 1100 N
Min. Avg 1350 N
1350 N
1500 N
3 Adhesion to piles Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
4 Glue Sheer Strength
(After 72 hrs. Boiling)
Min. Ind. 800 N
Min. Avg. 1000 N
1150 N
1250 N
5 Tensile Strength
Along the grain -
Across the grain -
Sum of Tensile strength -
4200 N /sq. mm
2500 N /sq. mm
8450 N /sq. mm
5500 N /sq. mm
3950 N /sq. mm
9400 N /sq. mm
6 Static Bending Strength    
a. . Modulus of Rupture
- along the grain                      
50 N /sq. mm
65N /sq. mm