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Margo Plywood

Margo MR Grade

Plywood manufactured with imported Hard Wood core veneer and its cross grain structure makes the ply stronger than the Gurjan wood itself. UF resin is used after fortification with Melamine so that the bonding between the plies becomes stronger than the ordinary UF resin bonding. Plywood is sanded with a numeric controlled wide belt sander to get the calibrated and better surface finish plywood. 

                                                                                                               TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (IS:303)
1 Moisture Content 5% - 15% 8%
  Dimension Length+5mm, Width+2mm Thickness > 6mm - + 5%, < 6mm - + 10% Within Limit
2 Sp. Gravity   > 7
3 Resistance to Water (3 cycles of 8hr Boiling & 16hr Drying at 65c - Adhesion to plies) Min. Pass Standard Excellent
4 Resistance to Micro-Organism -Adhesion to Plies Min. Pass Standard Excellent
5 Static Bending Test    
a Modulus of Elasticity    
          Along the grain Min. 5000 N/ 6500 N/
        Across the grain Min. 2500 N/ 3000 N/
b Modulus of Rupture    
  • along the grain Ava. Min. 40 N/ 56 N/
  • across the grain Avg. Min. 20 N/ 30 N/